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Living room painted in earthy green

Colorful 2022 - This Year's Paint Color Trends

Do you ever think about what color you'll choose to paint the walls of your new construction home? Just a year or two ago, you might have said, "gray." A recent article in the Washington Post points out that gray is on its way out for most homeowners. With paint color trends shifting,

Kitchen with sage green cabinets

Home Design Trends in Wisconsin for 2021

The home design trends of 2021 have been greatly influenced by the year that was 2020--the year of the “new normal.” Living, working and schooling at home caused people to reimagine their home, environment. People who live and work in the city, realizing they can work from almost anywhere

Open Concept Floorplan

Open Concept or Traditional? What You Need to Know

Open concept homes have dominated the home-building scene for years, but why? This popular layout has more than one advantage over traditional floor plans. Understanding the benefits of open 

Trending Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2021

In 2021, the best countertops come in amazing colors and patterns, and are built to last for decades. As you choose the counters for your new custom home, it's important to weigh the options and familiarize yourself with the countertop trends of 2021. The more you know about the countertops

Little house with go green leaf

9 Ways to Build a More Energy Efficient Home

Energy-efficient, green construction is the way of the future, and for homeowners building new construction homes in Wisconsin, the future is now. When you're building a new home, you're in a unique position to use sustainable materials and energy-saving innovations.

Houses sitting on increasing stacks of pennies showing costs rising

Why Are Housing Prices Still So High?

Lumber prices were on the rise throughout most of 2020 and the first half of 2021. In fact, by June 2021, lumber prices were up 288%. At the same time, the price of newly built homes also rose. In May of this year, the median price of a newly built home was up by 18% compared to the same time last year.

Calendar and open notebook with plan showing

5 Steps to Plan Your 2022 Custom Home Construction

Are you planning to build a new home in 2022? Now is the time to start planning. Building a new home can be time-consuming. It's important to know your budget, have a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves and do some research. 

Sign that says: "What happens in the man cave stays in the man cave"

Turn Your Unfinished Basement into a Man Cave

Owning a home with a "man cave" is the dream of many! With a space to call your own, you can spend time with friends or spend time alone while you kick back and relax. Man caves have been rising in popularity for a long time. If you're paying attention to home . . . 

Magic 8 Ball Toy that says "Maybe"

9 Benefits to Building A New Construction House

Imagine your dream house: its size, style, siding, landscaping. Imagine what your dream house would look like if you built it.

You can build your dream house, and the benefits of doing so are immeasurable. Building a house allows you to customize your ... 

Choosing the builder for your next home.

How to Choose a Home Builder in Wisconsin

Very few decisions make a bigger difference than the one you make when you select a home builder to construct your custom house. The home builder you choose can impact the home building experience, the quality of the structure, the design of your house and ultimately, your satisfaction with your home. Finding ...

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