Building a Home-The Process

Land Selection/Evaluation

Once you have made the decision to build a home with us, we’ll schedule a meeting to go out and look at your land together.  The land you have purchased is an important part of the building process and we want to make sure to make the best use of its features.  If you don’t already have land, we will start looking for land together.

House Design

After the land is squared away, we’ll schedule a series of 90-minute meetings to design your home.  Usually this process takes about 8-10 sessions as we go through each room of your house.  When we are done, you’ll be able to see a full 3D, 360view of your new home including kitchen cabinets, lighting, countertops and colors. 


Following the approval of your home design, we’ll send your design out to our sub-contractors to get prices for your home build.  This usually takes about 2-3 weeks.  Once all the prices are in, we’ll go over the detailed price list of all the components of your home build.  The detailed price list is the actual cost of each component with no markup.  This allows you to know the exact cost of every choice you have made regarding your home. 

For items such as carpet and lighting, we include a set dollar allowance for you to pick the products you want.  If you go over the allowance when selecting products, you will need to pay the overage.  If you go under, you will receive a credit that can be used towards other things in your home. 

Contract & Financing

Once we have come to agreement on pricing, the next step is to sign the builder contract.  If you are getting a construction loan, there is no down payment required.  You’ll take the contract to the bank to apply for a construction loan.  Construction loan approval typically takes 30 days.  If you are paying cash for your home, we require a small down payment.  


After the construction loan is approved (or if you are paying cash), we submit your plans to the building department for permits.  

Construction of Your Home

Once permits are received, we will start building.  This is a 10-step process.

  1. Site Survey – The first step in preparing your lot is to have a surveyor come out and stake the boundaries of your lot and house.
  2. Excavation – After the surveying is complete the excavation team will remove soil to the depth needed for the new foundation. They will ensure the soil is firmly compacted and graded as per the surveyor's notes.
  3. Foundation – After excavation the footers and foundation are poured. The excavator then backfills around the foundation.
  4. Framing - In the framing stage, your home will start taking shape. It’s during this time that you’ll first be able to identify and walk through the rooms of your new house. You’ll start to see the windows, floors, walls and staircases that will define your living space.
  5. Rough-Ins - During this step of the home-building process, sub-contractors will install everything from plumbing and heating systems, to cable and phone lines. This is the stage that will make your home functional as well as beautiful.
  6. Interior Finishes - During this phase, we install the interior home finishes that provide the final touches to your living space. These include things like cabinetry, trim, flooring, paint and other wall treatments, plumbing fixtures, counter tops and appliances.
  7. Exterior Finishes - As the finishing touches are put on your home’s interior, work will be progressing on its exterior, as well.
  8. Walk-throughs – As your home progresses, you’ll be asked to come to the home following framing and electrical and plumbing rough-ins to ensure everything is correct before sheet rock goes up. During the build you’ll also make flooring and cabinet selections.  When the house is complete, you’ll do a final walk-through.     
  9. Landscaping - The last step toward completion is landscaping. Depending upon the weather, landscaping could be done before closing but may be scheduled after closing so you can move in and start living.
  10. Closing – Once the final inspections are done and we have a certificate of occupancy, we will schedule the closing. 

Sugar Creek Homes One-Year Home Warranty

After you move into your new home, we are still here for you.  We provide a one-year home warranty that covers everything in your home except: concrete, landscaping, and anything under tile.  We’re confident you are going to love your new home and look forward to working with you. 

Get Started on Your Home

Getting started on your new home is as easy as scheduling an appointment. We’ll meet for about 45 minutes and talk about what and where you want to build.  We’ll review the process and next steps.  There is no obligation with this meeting, it is just an opportunity for you to ask all the questions you have and to learn more about building a home with Sugar Creek Homes.  

To get started on building your new home, schedule your no obligation, FREE new home information meeting today! 

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