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Custom Home Builder Burke, Wisconsin

When searching for a skilled custom home builder, Burke Wisconsin residents consistently choose Sugar Creek Homes, led by Tim Burke. As a retired Army veteran, Tim is known for his remarkable dedication and work ethic. He approaches every new home with the care and attention as if it were his own residence, ensuring top-quality results every time.

A New Home Builders Fresh Approach

Tim Burke, in his role as a new home builder, adopts a unique approach. Understanding the stress often associated with custom home construction, he has streamlined the process for homebuyers:

Initially, the absence of intermediaries is key. Engaging with Sugar Creek Homes means direct interaction with either Tim or his wife Beth, bypassing sales representatives and customer service agents, thus providing direct access to the owners.

Additionally, the cost and hassle of procuring floor plans and hiring architects are eliminated. Homebuyers collaborate directly with Tim to design their floor plans, leading to significant savings in design fees and reducing the time spent coordinating between an architect and the builder.

Finally, Tim's daily presence on the construction site is a testament to his commitment. He closely monitors the progress to minimize delays and ensure the delivery of a high-quality custom home.

Why Build a Custom Home in Burke, WI

Burke, Wisconsin, offers a unique and appealing lifestyle for those considering building a custom home. This small community, with a population of just over one thousand, is nestled along the banks of the Chippewa River and enveloped by lush forests and rolling hills. It's a place where residents enjoy the serenity of a rural setting combined with the convenience of modern amenities.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find Burke particularly inviting. The town is surrounded by picturesque lake country, offering a variety of activities such as fishing, boating, and camping. These natural attractions contribute to the peaceful atmosphere that defines life in Burke. For families, the local schools are noted for their excellence, ensuring a solid educational foundation for children.

The community aspect of Burke is highlighted by its history and local engagement. Founded in 1852 after separating from Windsor, Burke was named after Irish statesman Edmund Burke, reflecting its Irish heritage. This sense of history and identity contributes to the town's strong community bonds. The town is set to be annexed by the City of Madison, the Village of De Forest, and the City of Sun Prairie in 2036, which will mark 185 years of its distinct history​​.

In summary, Burke, Wisconsin, offers an idyllic setting for those looking to build a custom home. It combines the tranquility of a rural environment with the convenience of nearby amenities, a strong sense of community, safety, and abundant outdoor activities, all contributing to a high-quality living experience.

Build a Custom Home on Your Lot

Sugar Creek Homes specializes in constructing custom homes on your existing property. In case you're still in need of a suitable plot, they offer assistance through their real estate services to locate the ideal land for your home.

Tim Burke takes a personal interest in the land selection process. His involvement ensures that the chosen plot not only accommodates the home you envision but also supports any specific features you desire, such as a walk-out basement or partial exposure.

Types of Custom Homes We Build in Burke, WI

In Burke, architectural styles merge historical allure with contemporary elements, typical of many Midwestern communities. As a General Contractor, Sugar Creek Homes can craft homes in any style you prefer. Popular choices include the ranch style, along with other distinctive designs such as:

  • Craftsman style homes. The craftsman style is celebrated for its meticulous detail and use of natural elements. Key features include low-pitched roofs, broad eaves, expansive front porches, and visible wooden structural details.
  • Prairie style homes. Prairie style homes originated from an architectural style pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright around the turn of the last century, are also favored. These homes typically have single-level layouts, flat or gently sloping hipped roofs, rows of windows, and overhanging eaves, often combining stone, wood, or brick on the facade. The modern iteration of this style embraces open floor plans with a focus on the kitchen and living area.
  • Traditional farmhouses. Farmhouse style homes are common in the area, and usually exhibit straightforward, rectangular designs, spacious porches, and functional layouts.
  • The Modern Farmhouse design offers a contemporary take on the classic farmhouse, featuring clean lines, extensive windows, and open, airy interiors.

No matter what type of home you desire, Sugar Creek Homes, with its team of skilled craftsmen, is capable of constructing any of these styles of new home construction in Burke.

Energy-Efficient Custom Homes

In Burke, Wisconsin, like in many parts of the country, residents are mindful of energy costs. Choosing Sugar Creek Homes for your new home construction can lead to significant savings in the long run, thanks to the energy-efficient features integrated into each home. As a builder certified by "Focus on Energy," Sugar Creek Homes ensures that your energy expenses are at least 25% lower than what you'd typically spend on conventionally built homes. Not only does this mean continual savings over the years, but the energy efficiency of your home also enhances its value, potentially increasing your profit when it's time to sell.

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Need a Basement Finishing Contractor in Burke WI?

As a leading basement finishing contractor in the area, Sugar Creek Homes is just a short drive away from Burke, WI. Specializing in only two areas, building houses and finishing basements, our expertise streamlines your basement finishing project. With Sugar Creek Homes, you benefit from a single point of contact and one consolidated bill for the entire project. We manage all aspects, from design and permits to material procurement and supervising subcontractors. Our commitment ensures your project is completed to your satisfaction, simplifying the entire process for you. What could be more convenient?

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Eighteen Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

  • Kitchen, Kitchenette, or Bar: Transform your basement into a culinary space, perfect for entertaining. Add a fully equipped kitchen, a small kitchenette for quick snacks and drinks, or a stylish bar area for social gatherings.
  • Recreation or Living Space: Create a versatile area for relaxation and entertainment. This could be a family room with comfortable seating and entertainment systems, or a recreation space with games and activities.
  • Home Office Setup: Design a productive and quiet workspace, complete with all the necessary office furniture and technology, ideal for remote work or personal projects.
  • Complete Bathroom Installment: Add a full bathroom in the basement, which is especially useful if you're also adding a bedroom or guest suite. This can include a shower, bathtub, vanity, and toilet.
  • In-Law Suite or Guest Suite: Convert your basement into extra living quarters, such as an in-law suite with its own bathroom and kitchenette, or additional bedrooms for guests.
  • Children's Play Area: Develop a safe and fun space for kids to play, with durable and easy-to-clean surfaces, plenty of storage for toys, and areas for different activities like drawing, reading, or playing.
  • Laundry Facility: Set up a fully functional laundry room with washers, dryers, folding areas, and storage for laundry supplies. This can be a great way to utilize basement space effectively.
  • Personal Fitness Center: Create a home gym with exercise equipment, mats for yoga or stretching, and possibly even mirrors and a sound system for a complete workout experience.
  • Home Cinema: Design a movie theater experience at home with a large screen, comfortable seating, soundproofing, and a quality sound system. Ideal for movie nights with family and friends.
  • Wine Storage or Home Brewing Space: For wine enthusiasts or homebrewers, dedicate a section of your basement to store wine in the perfect conditions or to set up a home brewery.
  • Music or Recording Studio: For music enthusiasts or professionals, transforming a portion of the basement into a soundproof studio can be a great addition.
  • Art Studio or Craft Room: A dedicated space for arts and crafts, with ample storage for supplies and good lighting.
  • Library or Reading Nook: A quiet, cozy corner with bookshelves and comfortable seating for reading.
  • Game Room: Dedicated to board games, video games, or even a pool or ping-pong table.
  • Workshop or Hobby Area: For woodworking, DIY projects, or other hobbies that require a dedicated space.
  • Storage and Organization Space: Efficiently designed areas for storing seasonal items, sports equipment, or other household goods.
  • Meditation or Yoga Studio: A peaceful area designed for relaxation, meditation, or yoga practice.
  • Sauna or Spa Area: If space and budget allow, a small sauna or a spa-like area can be a luxurious addition.

Each of these ideas can be customized to fit the size of your basement and your personal preferences, creating a space that is both functional and enjoyable. But remember, the best choice depends on your personal needs, interests, and the space available in your basement.



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